Chef Scott Webster has made his name internationally with his brand of innovative and luxurious contemporary cooking, and Osia continues in his vein of sophisticated, modern cuisine, composed of healthy, light seasonal dishes featuring the freshest ingredients from Australia as well as the Pacific Rim and Asia Pacific regions.

Osia's bill of fare offers a carefully curated selection of classic, communal dishes that are favourites of everyone, alongside flawlessly realised, original transpositions that open new windows to gastronomy. The menu emphasises seasonality and Osia sources only top quality meats, seafood, vegetables and indigenous herbs and spices from Australia, as well as around the world, to present ambrosia nonpareille to its guests.

The Osia concept is owned and marketed by Ottscott Pte Ltd, a management and consultancy business incorporated in May 2009 in Singapore, between Chef Scott Webster and his long−time friend, Chef Otto Weibel.